About Us


Pomaikai means "Good Luck" in the Hawaii language and it will really bring a lot of good luck to you if you buy ukuleles from us.

As a ukulele-dedicated brand, Pomaikai is famous for its professionalism, diversity, hard-working workers, creative designers, excellent customer service and much much more waiting for you to find!

You can get what you want here, no matter how your ukulele skills are! Pomaikai has a wonderful ukulele for beginners, intermediate players, advanced players, and master players!

Pomaikai has a lot of colorful ukuleles for kids, beginners, students, and adults, such as the pink ukulele for girls, light blue ukulele for boys, bright brown ukulele, blue ukulele, black ukulele, etc.

To celebrate the "American Independence Day", also called "The Fourth of July", you can simply buy our Pomaikai American Flag ukulele;

To express your love for your country United Kindom, simply buying our Pomaikai Union Jack ukulele is really a very good idea!

With a strong background in big factories, you can get your favorite ukuleles anytime anywhere!

With our fast shipping service, you can receive your ukulele orders much earlier than the expected delivery date!

With our professional knowledge of musical instruments, you will absolutely fall in love with us!

Our goal is to covey beautiful music by manufacturing high-quality, durable, and portable ukuleles for different ukulele players with different tastes on this earth!

Welcome to Pomaikai! Good luck!